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Deb Aguda Hospitality Group  provides strategic planning, advisement, and support services in broad – and critical – key planning and operational areas. From start-ups to rebranding, property assessments, operations and marketing . . . the tools you need to succeed. 

The purpose of my firm is to provide the necessary top-level hospitality consulting services that genuinely help lenders, developers, management companies, and owners maximize the value of their investments. We are  focused yet versatile.


Deb Aguda Hospitality is an independent hospitality consultancy offering you the knowledge, experience, and skill of the big firms without the overhead., Experienced. We give each client no matter how large  or small the personal attention they deserve.

Ultimately, DA Hospitality offers the best possible package of hospitality marketing consulting services. With over 40  years experience, our team of professionals such as former owners, executive chefs, bar managers, marketing experts, general managers and graphic designers have decades  of experience in their respective fields, allowing them to bring fresh, informed ideas to our clients, WE can bring to life or revive the brand that drive the bottom line  We possesses a wealth of knowledge that allows a unique perspective and demonstrates a true understanding of the industry. We do what we say we will do,  and will stop at nothing to ensure our clients desired outcomes are met or exceeded.

When you work with Deb you get more than a hospitality company, you get expert restaurant consulting training and ongoing user support. We are your trusted restaurant consultants, hotel consultants.

We were founded by a restaurant operator who knows the importance of excellent hospitality consulting services. Our guest service team consists of former restaurant operators and finance professionals, dedicated to serving the needs of our clients We provide dedicated implementation  staff to ensure seamless onboarding. Support is always available via pone email and online chat. You can maximize ROI with experts from the industry. At DA Hospitality we have an unwavering commitment to mastering the dynamics of the hospitality industry and sharing our wisdom with our clients.


How we work

Deb Aguda Hospitality Group works with property and hotel developers along with independent restaurateurs on multiple operational and conceptual levels including design, quality evaluation, service training, systems/SOP development and overall management. Additional services also include financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting and benchmark reviews for maximum efficiency.

Using a ‘hands on’ approach, we work side by side with each operation’s team factoring in foreseen and unforeseen challenges. Our training and manuals, product knowledge systems, testing and documentation are customized specifically for each client.

You will be dealing with the principle of our company, one on one on a regular basis, We personally oversee your asset, not just hourly staff members. We meet in person with ownership to discuss expectations, goals, projected results,  etc... We are a full service company.


If it’s your first venture, we guide you through the windy road  of your first restaurant. If a client is in a distressed situation we can offer an objective analysis feedback and a positive solution concerning the strength and weakness of front and back of the house operations, menu and marketing strategy.

Concept Development 

We develop creative path for fresh and competitive concepts. We carefully organize business plans, build on and enhance your ideas, and interact directly with designers, developers and architects for the success of restaurants and hotels. We work side by side with LDL Studios.

Financial Assessment

We model and analyze sales and labor costs, along with the complete P & L to assess your financial performance. We develop systems and procedures to maximize performance.

Menu Strategy

We design and develop food and beverage programs that reflect and strengthen your brand.

Marketing and PR 

With over 40 years of imagineering, our marketing partner can develop concepts and create brands that attract and stick in the minds of the customer to create a memorable experience. Logos, menus, themes, web and social media is something we do everyday.

Financial Examination

We help you with Cost of Sales & Labor, Cost Analysis, Accounting Review & Assessment, Review of Controls & Financial Systems, as well as the all important POS review.


Bar Program

We assemble a fantastic selection of alcohol, beer and wine for your bar or restaurant menu. Our on premise Sommelier and Cicerone have over 25 years working with distributors and operating bars and wine bars; Our on site sommelier works with wine locker holders and guests that have wine cellars in their homes. We bring the in home experience in to you with beer and wine tastings and selections to help pair food.

We also offer insightful beverage services:

                                  -Wine classes


- Wine List & Beverage Menu Development

- Service Staff Training

- Cocktail Recipe Development & Tasting Events

- Corporate & Consumer Wine Tasting Events

- Winery, Distillery & Brewery Trips

Our work




Wine & Bev

Native American







Cost Reductions

Front of House

Wine Lists

Cellar Management

Seminars & Training

Experienced in

Casino and hotel F&B



DA Hospitality Group  - The Wine Society of America

Hartford, Connecticut Area  500+ 500+ connections

DA Hospitality Group is a full service hospitality group that provides innovative and strategic advice to the hospitality industry. At D.E.B. we have an unwavering commitment to the hospitality industry and love sharing our knowledge to our clients. Together with the client we create an creative unparalleled viewpoint that expresses efficiency-cost effective and profit driven results. DAH believes that the hospitality industry presents a plethora of opportunities for smart, creative, hard working people with a passion for food. DAH is ready to assist you with any aspect of your restaurant’s operation, big or small.


Our seasoned industry experts have used their expertise to help new and existing foodservice operations, from new concept development projects and operational assessments to restaurant turnarounds, kitchen and interior design, marketing, compliance and more. If it has to do with a restaurant, it’s in our wheelhouse.



1077 Silas Deane Highway

Suite 157

Wethersfield CT 06109-4229

(860) 205-4922

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